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It could be very frustrating and harmful to have wood rot in house. It is a big safety concern and also a liability especially when it is not replaced or repaired in time. Such damages can adversely affect the well-being of all family members. It is absolutely possible to repair rotten wood. The process typically involves removal of the rot from the original joists or board followed by filling the surrounding area with quality wood putty for rotted wood products. However, one needs to secure a professional rotten wood repair service to initially find out when to replace and repair the damage. When the damage is too severe, the repair may not help much. In this situation, it is advisable to get the piece replaced.

Wood rot in house

Treat dry rot wood

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When a wood in your home is rotten badly, the stability and durability of the beam are compromised. Some of the prominent signs include deep cracks, off-white fungus, mushroom-like substances growth on the surface, yellow tinge on the brickwork, etc. In such situations, it might be a sensible decision to replace rotten wood. But, on the other side, rotten wooden beams can be stable as well as strongly supported. Such conditions, therefore, can be repaired. It is tricky to understand the type of rotten wood, supervise it completely and figure out if it needs to be replaced or repaired. Hire M & T Construction’s team of wet rot repair specialists to help you determine!

Identify The Actual Problem

Wet wood rot and dry wood rot are two different things. Dry wood could be extremely serious. It must be resolved as soon as possible because it quickly spreads away from the source and has incredible capabilities to destroy wood and other property fabric. On the other side, wet rot may occur more frequently. The decay generally affects timber at the source. If this rot is left untreated, it can cause significant structural problems which are difficult and expensive to be repaired. Such situations may occur due to defective internal plumbing, penetrating damp, downpipes, etc. They might cause major damage to your property before you are aware of the problem. It is, therefore, extremely important to keep supervising such things on a periodic basis.

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Wood rot attacks are very complex. They are hard to manage. Every property is unique. It needs a well-designed and customized plan to fix things.

Alarming Signs of Wood Rot

  • Fungus affected timber shrinks
  • Soft wood
  • Damp musty smell
  • Discolouration of wood
  • Red spore dust
  • Damaged paint finish
  • Highlighted cracks

Wet rot usually thrives in damp conditions such as unprotected timber in your property. Such damages can be very dangerous to the structural damage of your home. Though wet rot does not spread through masonry, and it can be prevented by removing the moisture, appropriate actions should be taken to fix things as soon as possible. Defective masonry pointing, leaking roofs, etc. can cause wet rot. Dry rot, on the other side, can appear on a modern structures and also in old buildings. It may be caused by dampness which germinates the dry rot fungus on wood. In simple words, this condition can appear almost anywhere. Dry rot can thrive in areas behind wall fabrics, roofs, etc. especially when there is poor ventilation.

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Dry and wet rotten wood needs to be treated by knowledgeable and experienced specialists only because it is a matter of preserving your property and valuable items. The team at M & T Construction will help you to locate and eliminate this outbreak in a safe manner, using an appropriate wood rot putty solution which is more durable. Eradicating the growth of rot wood immediately is very important to prevent further damage and restore things in a cost-efficient, quick and hassle-free way. From identifying the source of moisture or rot wood, analyzing the defects and the overall extent of damage to creating the right strategy to repair the affected area and if needed, make replacements, there are many complex procedures involved in repairing your rotten wood. Even if you plan to remodel or renovate your home, you need to ensure that the full extent of wood rot attack is dealt with before you start reinstatement of the floor, wall, etc.

If you suspect your property suffers from a rotten wood problem or you have seen or experienced the same, the immediate and sensible step is to approach the best specialists to get helped with an accurate diagnosis, cost-effective repairs, appropriate replacements and durable solutions. Such specialists will also make you well-versed with the important precautions to be taken to avoid this problem in the time to come.

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