Termite Damage Restoration

Termite Damage Restoration

Restoration Services for Homes and Businesses

Let M&T Construction handle your flood, fire or termite damage throughout the entire restoration process. We have experienced professionals who will deal with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and pest control companies to ensure your home will be restored to its original form or better.

Termite damage repair

M&T Construction will handle all phases in the restoration process to relive you of the headache and burden during an already chaotic situation.

Termite damage Services

This is a scene from a home with termite damage.

Moisture from the water leak attracted termites

  • The damage includes framing, insulation, and decorative trim
  • Our first step is to consult with your pest control provider and determine coverage and cost of repairs
  • Once an agreement with your pest control provider has been reached, our team will begin the repairs
  • The entire process should take 2-6 weeks depending on the severity of the damage

If you are experiencing termite damage and need a contractor who can consult with your pest control provider as well as repair your home, give us a call 251-401-1163