Flood, Fire and Termite Damage Repair

Flood, Fire and Termite Damage Repair in Mobile, AL

Restoration Services for Homes and Businesses

Let M&T Construction handle your flood, fire or termite damage throughout the entire restoration process. We have experienced professionals who will deal with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and pest control companies to ensure your home will be restored to its original form or better.

M&T Construction

M&T Construction will handle all phases in the restoration process to relive you of the headache and burden during an already chaotic situation.

We will contact your insurance agent, meet with your adjuster and turn your home over
to you fully reconstructed.

Below is a scene from a typical flood damage project.

A dishwasher pipe burst and flooded our customers kitchen.
The damage included cabinets, insulation and flooring.

  • First we set up fans and dehumidifiers to begin the drying process to mitigate any further damages.
  • Our next step is to start rebuilding the cabinets.
  • Once the cabinets and flooring are in place we will paint and finish up any other repairs.
  • This entire process should take 3-6 weeks depending on the insurance company.

If you experience flood, fire, termite or wind damage, call us to handle your insurance claim and restoration process.

M&T Construction

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Flood Damage Repair After After
Flood Damage Repair Before Before
Termite Damage Repair After After
Termite Damage Repair Before Before
Fire Damage Repair after After
Fire Damage Repair before Before
Termite Damage Repair After After
Termite Damage Repair Before Before